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What is Artlume?

Artlume is a Digital Art Streaming Service delivering high quality AI Art, NFT Art, Brand Art and Classic and Contemporary Art directly to TVs and screens in homes and offices.

Artlume is proprietary technology comprising mobile apps, web apps and TV apps with art from many categories managed from a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS).

The Artlume TV app allows you to turn your TVs and screens into an art gallery and display amazing artworks from many different art categories, including user-generated AI Art, NFT collections, exclusive Brand Art and a large variety of digital art. Users only need to download the TV app from respective app stores (under “Artlume”), create a free account and then get access to amazing art.

The Artlume mobile app allows users to navigate many art collections and categories of art, and create playlists. Users can directly create AI Art based on their creativity, publish as a playlist, and share with their network. Wallets can be connected to the mobile app in order to select NFTs for publishing and displaying on the Artlume platform. The user friendly app allows users to scroll through thousands of artworks, themes, curated playlists and iconic brands. And also love and share with friends.

Discover, learn and get inspired.